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I’m grateful for the thoughtful ruminations, playful turns of phrase, and provocative propositions Capilongo has given us in send. Do yourself a favour: turn off the Twitter, and savour send!

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Domenico Capilongo writes solid poetry that you can depend on, every time out. These are sweet, smart, clever, witty, funny, incisive poems that will re-wire your future communication.

Today's Book of Poetry

I enjoyed it very much. There was quite a bit of variety and I found myself chuckling at several of the poems. I look forward to trying more from this author.


Capilongo has a very interesting perspective and writes more about ordinary life in a fun and amusing way in this well-done poetry collection.



Every story was like a warm, cozy embrace for me. Each one made me smile, and reminded me what makes us humans so special. A must-read!



Capilongo's strongest point is his ability to use the ingredients for the defining of an Italian-Canadian


identity to produce writing that transcends that identity.

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