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Here are my books. Read their descriptions and find out where you can pick up a copy or sign them out at the Toronto Public Library here. Enjoy. 

I thought elvis was italian

Karate, fatherhood, travel, and Italian-Canadian identity are the cornerstones of this sinewy premiere collection by Toronto poet Domenico Capilongo. Capilongo skillfully manipulates narrative, lyric and experimental poetic devices to disclose powerful personal journeys - whether back into childhood or into love - that radiate insight, courage, and wisdom. An outstanding debut collection cherishing family and the ties that bind us to one another.


A collection of poems by a bright and rising star who takes readers on a journey they won't soon forget.

Rita Simonetta


Shortlisted for the F.G. Bressani Literary Prize

hold the note

hold the note is a wide-ranging collection unified by a jazzy, syncopated writing style—dynamic, sometimes experimental, often playful, yet always passionately engaged, sensual and visceral.


There’s a jazzy synergy of form, language and subject matter in Capilongo’s poetry. Reading hold the note left me winded with exhilaration.

Len Gasparini, author of The Broken World


Longlisted for The ReLit Award

Subtitles and Other Stories

From celebrated Toronto poet, Domenico Capilongo, comes a collection of powerful and humorous stories inspired by love: the love of family and tradition, the passion shared between two people when love is found, and the impact felt when it is misunderstood and lost. These stories travel the globe from Toronto to Vancouver, WWII Sicily, Rome, Japan, Thailand, and even the gardens of Paris. Capilongo succeeds in capturing the beat of relationships in their many stages of complicated development. His debut short fiction collection shows the keen eye of a writer who is not afraid to reveal the inner workings of love.


Capilongo's stories have a directness and candour that goes straight to the heart, never sentimental but always rich with emotion and with the texture of real life.

Nino Ricci


Shortlisted for The ReLit Award

ISBN- 13-9781771832014


Domenico Capilongo continues to play with lyricism, form and language in his new poetry collection, send, where he explores the ways in which we communicate. From smoke signals to texting, and using lyric meditation, personal narratives and experimental poetry, send forces us to examine how we choose to relate to one another.


In his latest book, Dom Quixote mounts a new smartphone and tilts away at our digital windmills. His chivalry is analogue: what is lost in our twittering is the seed-bed of his musings. Messages between and underneath communications—tender, sensuous, comically misaligned and/or brutal by turn—are gathered up and offered back to us as rebus: an oracular operating system where what we mean is not always how we speak.

Chris D’Iorio, author of Without Blue

ISBN- 13-9781771715263


Domenico Capilongo's newest collection of poetry is made up of wonderful vignettes of memory in a prose poetic style based on words added in the dictionary the year he was born.

Third Place Winner Pier Giorgio Di Cicco Poetry Prize


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